Company-tailored MICRONITE Deployment

Focus on a business model
Job Shop  –  Manufacturing Cell  –  High-Volume Machining  –  Small-Batch Production


  • Formulate requirements for the company-tailored control system with consideration of equipment, products, and customer request
  • Develop standard procedures for diagnostics of machine, tooling, and inspection capabilities
  • Establish guidelines for design of cost-efficient control plans tailored to specific products
  • Utilize real-time process data for optimization of predictive control models
  • Develop company-tailored training courses  for operators, engineers, and managers
  • Achieve substantial improvements in quality and productivity
  • Achieve reduction of labor and time for engineers, managers, and operators
  • Create framework for validation of MICRONITE software

Off-site MICRONITE Pre-launch

  • Design of product-specific gaging and process control stations
  • Remote system installation and testing
  • Import of CAD drawings
  • Testing of CMM and/or Vision System output using MICRONITE models
  • Probing design of control plans by class of characteristic and cutting tools

On-site MICRONITE launch$110/hr.

In-depth engineering studies

  • Development of metrological testing schemes and launch of Measurement Control System
    • Data capture and validation of accuracy and precision of measuring devices
    • Estimation of permissible tolerances for inspection methods and fixtures
    • Metrological tests  and certification of operator measurements
  • Process & Quality Engineering
    • Analysis and quantification of capability of cutting tools to hold tolerance
    • Acceptance of process controllability
    • Analysis and quantification of measuring capability and form variation for running processes
    • Identification of probable causes of scrap and excessive variation
    • Analysis and quantification of machine errors
  • Product-specific control plan development and assignment of features to cutting tools

On-site training

In two weeks MICRONITE changes the way companies control production and machining processes  

MICRONITE administrators, process and quality engineers (classroom)

  • Main features of knowledge-based MICRONITE system
  • Explanation of selective functions fitted to company equipment and products
  • Software navigation and data analysis
  • Automation of multi-source data capture
  • Automatic certification of product quality and process capability

Operator training (classroom)

Data entry, process views, and process actions

  • Customization of interfaces for operator convenience
  • Process actions and troubleshooting using MICRONITE control features
  • Communication between operators and supervisors

Operator training (shop floor)

  • 3-shift hands-on supervision of inspection process  and operator actions
  • Detailed explanation of visual representations related to machine-and-tool performance
  • Emphasis on value of data accuracy providing reduction of inspection and prevention of defects

On-site analysis and optimization of inspection process  $110/hr.

  • Analysis of process output with tool-coordinated displays of dimensional features
  • Fine-tuning of predictive control models, sampling frequencies, and sample sizes
  • Establishment of reliable control  plans for zero-defect  machining and grinding

Off-site engineering review and roundtables (On-demand Webinars) No Charge

  • Customer support on demand
  • Continual reduction of cost of quality
    • Re-classification of dimensional characteristics by tool-critical and quality-critical groups for reduction of inspection time
    • Optimization of predictive models for reliable scrap prevention
  • Continual reduction of production and tooling costs
    • Analysis of tool performance and tool life losses
    • Data-driven reduction / optimization of cycle time
    • Real-time monitoring of production losses

Typical timeline of MICRONITE implementation