Micronite O.E.E Interface Options 

Micronite has the capability to directly interface with the machines that it is monitoring and directly collect Production information (downtime, parts produced) in a Real Time environment. Micronite can capture this information by either using a ‘Serial to Ethernet Adapter’ or a ‘Digital I/O interface device’ depending on the Machine’s physical capabilities.

Serial to Ethernet Adapter
Using a Serial to Ethernet Adapter, a direction connection is created from the Machine’s Com Port using a ‘Gridconnect NET232’ which would then transmit the information via TCP/IP to the Micronite server. Some minor modification to the NC code for each program would also be required (See Appendix A for specific requirements).

NET232 Connected Network Diagram


Digital I/O interface device

Using a Digital I/O interface, an ADAM 6050 units read the voltages directly from the machine and transmits the information via TCP/IP to the Micronite server which interprets the information. We would require two relays from the machine for the following information:

  1. If the machine is Running (Appendix A for Specific wiring requirements)
  2. Piece Count (Appendix B for wiring methods)

ADAM Connected Network Diagram


Hardware Specifications:

Serial to Ethernet

Adapter Type: GridConnect NET232
Part Number: GC-NET232-DTE
Manufacturer: GridConnect
Product Specifications: https://www.gridconnect.com/rs232-rj45.html
Quantity Needed: One per Machine
Communication Requirements: Machine must have a 9 pin serial Com Port and there must be a RJ-45 network connection for the NET232
Power Requirements: 110v power supply

Digital I/O interface device

Type: ADAM 6050
Part Number: ADAM-6050-A
Manufacturer: Advantech
Product Specifications:

Quantity Needed: Situational based on the proximity of the machines to each other, one ADAM can support up to a maximum of 6 Machines Communication Requirements: See Appendix A and B for machine requirements, one RJ-45 network connection for the ADAM device

Power Requirements: 110v Power Supply

Alternate 240 Din Rail Mount Power Supply:

– Cycle ends or next output. At the end of machine cycle there should be the following:
PCLOS; When Collector receives FIN, it knows that another part is produced and increments part counter for that machine. Additional Notes: On most machines POPEN and PCLOS commands are optional. In this case they should not be used and only DPRNT should be used. Some machines require additional options to be set up or purchased. On GE FANUC controllers, for example, Option B must be enabled and DPRNT output must be directed to the RS232.


APPENDIX A: ADAM Connection SchematicsOEE4

APPENDIX B: ADAM ‘Production Part Count’ Wiring

‘Dry’ Connection