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The system helps detect when a tool is starting to wear out and helps us identify which machine needs maintenance
MICRONITE leads us on how to control the process when we are pushing our equipment past its limits
Micronite is able to detect and quantify causes of variation and direct our engineers to solving major problems
We re-designed our inspection processes and achieved real excellency in quality documentation
Micronite goes beyond SPC and allows our machinists to focus on predicting tool wear
We use MICRONITE for solution of tool-related problems improving stability of complex tight-tolerance processes

Our operators who were once quite skeptical, love the many ways that Micronite helps achieve zero defect quality

Our operators know that MICRONITE can be a partner and an advisor, but when inspection process is violated it can turn into a policeman
Cultural change was immediately experienced with elimination of major bottlenecks in our operations
MICRONITE has exposed unknown deficiencies in our methods  and forced us to develop fixes for these issue.

We could not run our shop effectively without 14 MICRONITE stations constantly used by all operators

The most impressive benefit of Micronite is the discipline and structure it brings to managing the process
The Micronite system has become the backbone of our quality system
MICRONITE helps recognize top priorities and create plans in conjunction with our resources