Simplicity of data capture

  • Availability of automated and accurate data capture mechanisms
  • Unique support of multiple data resources on a single operator interface
  • Minimized sample size of one, two, of more pieces for process modeling
  • Automated CMM and Vision System data interpretation – throughout the network

Absolute data accuracy

  • Offline and online metrological control and acceptance of measurement instruments and methods
  • Automation of inspection and tooling data capture and accurate feedback prevents human errors
  • Risk of inaccuracy of in-process data is automatically analyzed and flagged

Enhanced reliability

  • Sufficiency of inspection data volume is constantly controlled by the expert system
  • Zero-defect product quality is assured for single piece, sample, and entire production run
  • Risk of quality acceptance errors of types I and II is minimized

Data capture timeliness and transparency

  • Right-in-time decisions to inspect parts or adjust a process are coming from an AI-based model
  • System-analyzed mix-source data are instantly displayed on workstations

A high level of consistency

  • Tight control of inspection plan assures consistency between operators
  • Automated monitoring of uptime/downtime provides untainted production data
  • Real-time tooling data capture enhances an accuracy of tool life statistics

Completeness of interdisciplinary data

  • Quality, tooling, and production data is captured by the integrated paperless system
  • The whole-blueprint product quality is statistically certified