From the Founder

MICRONITE,  History of software development

MICRONITE development spans over 25 years in various fields of process control, artificial intelligence, applied statistics, metrology, quality management and industry-specific software design. The big step towards development of predictive process models came in 1996 when HTR, Inc. created the AI-based decision-making engine replacing conventional statistical models. The evolution of MICRONITE software had a steep flow and  started with a commercial-style process control interface then to the tool-based capability model and then to zero-defect machining practices.

Our customers actually found out that varying methodologies have been developed in one form or the other around their business environment. These steps eventually found their way into the fully  integrated MICRONITE software and began to acquire newer and better features such as automatic download of CAD and CMM files, interface with Vision Systems, quality certification with extremely low risk of errors, system-managed control of lifespan of cutting tools and finally to control of production effectiveness.

This website has represented guidelines that can be used in all stages of MICRONITE implementation from the early stage of deep process learning to the later stage of near-perfect process and quality control. The system was tested for almost two decades and met intended objectives.


Stephen P. Birman, Ph.D.
Founder and President