MICRONITE Tech Webinars

MICRONITE Tech is a webinar series featuring technical presentations by MICRONITE experts and instructors. Through an in-depth examination of the topics our experts can help you understand basic principles of predictive control and other techniques developed by High Tech Research, Inc. Webinar on-demand  is conducted with focus on company’s priorities and business environment.  Prior to the Webinar, participants can send a questionnaire to the MICRONITE expert. Fill out the form, please and send us e-mail.

Advanced data acquisition and intelligent data processing

Machine shops collect ever-increasing amounts of inspection and production data.  The need for gaining insights and intelligence from all that data is inevitable.  In this webinar, you’ll learn how MICRONITE streamlines the data acquisition process and creates highly accurate predictive models for operators and engineers.

Tool-centric control of machining operations 

In this webinar, we’ll take a quick tour of MICRONITE features concentrating on control of cutting tool with associated dimensional characteristics. You will learn how tool-control feature can help you optimize processes, troubleshoot tough issues, find cost-effective effective solutions, and more.

Innovations in quality departments

In this webinar, we explain how to use the most efficient inspection and data analysis techniques for in-process and offline quality control and certification management. You’ll learn ways to reduce inspection time and achieve zero-defect quality. Also, we will cover the methodology of quality assurance for control of dimensions with extremely close tolerances.

Company-focused webinars

The webinar is conducted by our technical staff using data provided by an interested company. Preferably, a company send us CMM or Vision System files. We download these files into the knowledge-based system for thorough analysis and visual process representation. Quite often, we are able to solve engineering problems  during this webinar.