MICRONITE is the biggest process control revolution in discrete part manufacturing since invention of SPC in 1926. The industry-specific software is poised to succeed where so many attempts to deliver simultaneous achievements in quality – reduction of close-tolerance variation – and productivity have failed. MICRONITE draws strength from a diversity of knowledge-based tools specifically designed for different types of equipment and business models. Rather than focusing on isolated areas of control – SPC here, tool life management and O.E.E. there – MICRONITE unifies them all and activates solutions at a moment’s necessity. If the user needs require, the software can be re-configured with the ease, and should those needs later change, the software resources are available for another adjustment. MICRONITE delivers depth of process and production knowledge allowing to see what actually wrong and make it easy to profile and solve problems as they arise. An effective diagnostic technique is developed to isolate primary causes of poor quality and unsatisfactory process controllability. An indispensable activity inside the integrated control system is the continual quality assessment enabling analysis of real time and offline data. The quality assessment feature permits the elimination of paperwork and lets engineers track multiple statistical parameters and minimize the risk of defects for all blueprint characteristics.

By using MICRONITE’s high-performance analytical tools and simple visual interfaces, 20,000 machine shops will reduce unplanned downtime and idle time and eliminate unnecessary maintenance.