Hardware Requirements for Micronite Installation 2-15 Stations

We recommend running Micronite under the Terminal Server. You will need to provide a server and terminal stations for the shop floor (see requirements below).

Requirements for a typical Server to run Micronite under Windows 2008/2012R2 Terminal Services (2 to 15 stations):

  1. We recommend using XEON E3 & E5 processors with the Processor Base Frequency of at least 3.4 GHz. The number of cores and threads depends on the number of Micronite stations. For 2 to 15 stations we recommend CPU: Xeon E3-1270v2 or v3/ E3-1280v2 or v3 / E3-1290v2 / E3-1281v3 / E3-1271v3
  2. RAM: 16G/32G Bytes (Depending on the number of users)
  3. HARD DRIVES: Micronite will need about 50G of drive space after few years of use.
    We recommend separate hard drives/arrays for OS and data for improved performance. For example 300G 15K RPM RAID1 drive for OS and 300G/600G 15K RPM RAID1 drive for data. Average usage generates 200MB of new data per station per year.
  4. OS: Windows Server 2008-2012R2 x64 or current Server platform.
  5. Proper number of Server connection and Terminal Server Licenses.
  6. Backup: Daily Basis.
  7. Able to access files on automated measurement systems (Optional if CMM/Vision/etc. are used)
  8. Able to access network printers, printer drivers installed.
  9. Adobe Professional installed (optional for some report generation)
  10. Microsoft Excel (optional for some report generation)
  11. Internet connection (optional for Micronite support)
  12. VPN, LogMeIn or other remote access software (optional for remote support via Micronite Personnel)
  13. The Server OS can run under VM environment, if necessary, though we recommend a dedicated server.

We highly recommend Remote VPN or other access to the server for better tech support.

Requirements for stations to run Micronite under Windows 2008/2012R2 Terminal Services:

  1. Any computer with Remote Desktop Connection can be used as a Terminal Station on the shop floor.
  2. We strongly recommend using monitors with at least 1920×1080 resolution, and at least a 22” LCD display.
  3. Network connection
  4. Printer (Optional), if users will print reports.
  5. Gage Interface IF digital Gages are connected to station:
    • Working COM port or “USB to Serial” connection for gage interfaces
    • Gage Interface(s) to connect electronic gages to the computer

See Appendix A: for Example

Requirements for programmable inspection instruments (CMM, OGP, Vision, etc.)

  1. Network Connection
  2. Output file location for these devices must be ‘shared’ and on the same network as the Micronite Stations and Server with full access rights for users

Hand Gages (Standard)

Ideally Capable of sending Electronic output Manual entry is available if not possible

For support or questions please e-mail support@htrmicronite.com or

call our office at 847-215-9797


 Appendix A: Gage Interface Example



Appendix B: Micronite Connection Diagram


  • Workstations and Top Stations utilize RDP protocols to communicate to the server
  • Hand Gage measurements are automatically (or manually if gage is not capable) passed to the Server Database
  • CMM output files are automatically recorded into the Server Database
  • Vision System output files are automatically recorded into the Server Database
  • Database stores all measurements from multiple inputs into one central database
  • Network printing can generate all necessary reports with a click of a button from either a Workstation of a Top Station