Developed for machining & grinding. $500 billion industry.

Engineered for 20,000 machine shops.

In two weeks, MICRONITE changes the way companies control production & machining processes.

The Issue

Machine shops gather huge amounts of data at a fast speed: in-process measurements, inspection sheets, SPC software, tool records, production data. Unfortunately, people do not get a complete, consistent and accurate view of data. Mountains of data are wasted not being used for solution of acute problems and effective control purposes.

The Solution

Utilize MICRONITE capabilities for automated data capture, cross-functional data access, machining-specific predictive control, quality certification, and production reporting. Operators and engineers will act quickly, with confidence that everyone is guided by the system of knowledge and accuracy.

The Benefits

Faster, better results with MICRONITE’s easy-to-use software tools drive cultural change in machine shops. System-guided analysis lets operators prevent non-conforming and increase throughput, engineers optimize processes, managers use visual analytics for cost savings.


  • Improve process visibility
  • Automate quality documentation
  • Secure customer satisfaction
  • Reduce waste using MICRONITE data control
  • Manage metrology and capability knowledge base


Breakthrough Software

It begins with all of the various process control functions, control of measurement accuracy and precision, the evolving tool wear and quality acceptance modeling, predictive control of tool life expectancy, and other control resources.


MICRONITE is configurable for different types of businesses such as job shops, contract manufacturers, and captive companies.

Cost Effective

It provides production control in the most effective, low cost, and expedient way possible. Advanced analytical tools include algorithms, expert rules, distributional and non-distributional statistics, and mathematical modeling to provide operators and engineers with accurate decisions on operational and corrective actions.


Process and production data is automatically captured by operators in the simplest way. The MICRONITE system has been proved to be invaluable in making a manufacturer more efficient and competitive.


Airway Manufacturing

MICRONITE development spans over 26 years in various fileds of process control, artificial intelligence, applied science statistics, metrology, quality management & industry-specific software design.

Our Clients

What People Are Saying

We are planning on steadily increasing our implementation of Micronite at more machining centers in 2014. Some SPC programs I have used and or observed are nothing more than run charts or Xbar-R charts and do not predict future variation and simulate tool wear as Micronite does. I would recommend anyone to take a hard look at Micronite before pursuing other platforms that are currently available.
Michael Lambert
Corporate Staff Quality Engineer - Bendix Corp.
Micronite’s initial training was very thorough and follow-up and support have been great. The strong support team at Micronite has contributed to our confidence that we can continue to build our manufacturing processes around the Micronite system. We look forward to a long working relationship with HTR-Micronite.
Bernard Seewald
President - Lombard Swiss
Our Customer PPM related to defective material has been below goals for several years running. Micronite is a large part of that achievement . We have also been able to reduce scrap rates and down time by several percentage points due to the predictive nature of the software. We have also taken advantage of High Tech Research’s very professional staff several times over the past few years for re-training, and to help with transition of new Operators and Management Staff..
Mark Place
Vice President - Air-Way Manufacturing Company