Micronite-controlled data distribution is the key to advanced machining solutions

  • Learn how to effectively blend data capture methods in order to maintain a zero-defect program
  • Get consistent, accurate and complete  views of  production activities by consolidating diverse shop floor information

Industry-leading MICRONITE software  fine tunes all controls that are sourced by hand gages, CMMs, and Vision Systems. These multivariable model-predictive interfaces are mutually interconnected providing unprecedented flexibility and totality of operational control. The system is proven to effectively support both small-batch and high-volume machining and solve large-scope machining problems. The logical model of the MICRONITE’s architecture is a client-server model where clients are realized  as distributed objects communicating through a common network. User-targeted configurations are available to a system administrator and each computer in a distributed system will have its own set of data capture, analytical tools, reports, certificates, and visual displays.

Seamless data management improves Throughput and Quality

MICRONITE software is custom built for total control of operations with perishable tools. An integrated software platform is designed to capture and automatically analyze process, quality, and production data.  The knowledge-based paperless system allows to achieve (1) accuracy and completeness of process-dictated and quality-required data capture,   (2) robustness of non-conventional analytical analysis and clear visualization of machining process, (3) flexibility of user-tailored interfaces,  (4) high-level of production system effectiveness, and (5) the winning combination of zero-defect quality and maximum throughput. The ability to recognize a machining process using system-controlled inspection data capture and integrated predictive analysis of process, quality, and production output are key attributes of the software design philosophy. Effectiveness of machine-specific control plans and use of MICRONITE AI-based models across multiple shop floor activities yield remarkable returns in quality, productivity and costs.

Knowledge-based MICRONITE network concentrates on vital interests of machine shop



Explore new concepts and techniques for variable data utilization

MICRONITE takes and merges data from all available measurement sources including any digital and analog  outputs. A gaging station on the shop floor can be configured to accommodate automated and manual measurements taken by hand-held gages, CMMs and Vision Systems. Only MICRONITE has the capability to control a single operation using the combination of two or three sources of measurements such as CMM and hand-held gages, CMM and Vision System, or CMM, Vision System and hand-held gages. Only MICRONITE has the capability to match CAD drawing with all kinds of measurement devices. Only MICRONITE has the capability to organize inspection samples by machine-specific groups including multiple spindles, fixtures, nests, etc. Advanced data acquisition delivers a framework of data management, analytics and reporting to move a company to world-class manufacturing.


Predictive MICRONITE machining intelligence is capable of managing process performance and assuring required product quality. TRUE

SPC is capable of controlling machining  processes and assuring required product quality.  FALSE