Advanced data acquisition and intelligent data processing

MICRONITE takes and merges data from all available measurement sources including any digital and analog outputs. A gaging station on the shop floor can be configured to accommodate automated and manual measurements taken by hand-held gages, CMMs and Vision Systems. Only MICRONITE has the capability to control a single operation using the combination of two or three sources of measurements such as CMM and hand-held gages, CMM and Vision System, etc. Only MICRONITE has the capability to match CAD drawing with all kinds of measurement devices. Only MICRONITE has the capability to organize inspection samples by machine-specific groups including multiple spindles, fixtures, nests, etc. Advanced data acquisition delivers a framework of data management, analytics and reporting to move a company to world-class manufacturing.

Match a set of measurement devices with inspection plans that are best suited for control of each job and operation.


Use the ability of MICRONITE to accurately capture data and predict problems before they occur while running machines at peak performance.

Optimize process measurement plan and manage timely information  communications to get the most value from your inspection data.