When we learn what operators say about the superior performance of MICRONITE, we know that our resources were used in the right direction

Results of survey: 12 companies, 150 operators

All operators – We achieve better quality since MICRONITE implementation”

All operators – With MICRONITE, we know when to make adjustments/changes to avoid problems before they happen

All operators – Many dimensions are inspected less because MICRONITE showed that this is possible

All operators – MICRONITE helps identify which machines need maintenance”

All operators – MICRONITE reduces stress and helps win over engineers and managers on disputed issues”

Voice of the Operator

Hudson Precision Products

With Micronite, it is easy to tell how long you can keep working with the tool and when the process needs to be stopped to grind the tool. You can be your own inspector because Micronite approves your setup automatically and helps me focus on the right tolerances. I don’t need to give me parts to anyone and wait to start. I run the first part, inspect, use Micronite for offsets if necessary, and start running right away.  – Mike Berrospe, Operator


Micronite gives me predictive decisions so that I don’t make mistakes. It is very easy to get data into the system, and monitor the entire operation for all the machines I am running.  – Huey  Chang, Operator


Micronite helps me so I don’t overlook any characteristics. Sometimes I am running three or four machines at the same time. I feel confident after inspection in Micronite because the system makes sure I don’t miss anything. Once the sampling is done and Micronite verifies that all the dimensions and tools are where they should be, I can confidently move on to the next machine without worrying about something happening. It also helps me detect the cutoff for sharpening. Before it was really hard to tell when the tool starts to wear, with Micronite, I can tell right away and avoid crashes and scrap. I know if I do Micronite, I’m more confident in my parts – Alfredo Gonzalez, Operator


Micronite reminds you about what to inspect and lets you know if something is in the danger of going out of tolerance. I like the adaptive inspection feature. As long as I can get the machine to make parts consistently, the adaptive model allows me to inspect less. – Isaac Molgato, Operator


It is easy to miss little details, Micronite prevents that from happening. I document tool changes and adjustments in Micronite so that if there are problems it is easy to show to quality people and engineers what the process looks like. I am not afraid to have things in the red. If I have problems I am able to talk to QA and prove with data that changes to the control plan need to be made. Micronite has helped me and the managers stop assuming what the process is and what the problems are. I got used to using it and now it is a great tool that makes sense. Micronite keeps people honest, if the machine is capable, and the tools cut well, it is very easy to make a case to optimize the process – Stanley Rychtarczyk, Operator

Micronite helps me approve setup. It is also a big help when trying to explain what is happening to administrators. By recording tool changes and adjustments it is very easy to see how good or bad the tools are performing. Micronite makes sure that the operators follow the control plan that is released by quality. And, it tells quality when the control plan is too much. It helps to keep everyone honest. And if someone is cheating, or doing something bad, I can instantly catch it. The traceability in Micronite provides me with evidence of any wrong doing if necessary so that I can take the necessary actions to eliminate this kind of behavior.

– Mirek Bator, Operator Supervisor


RTI Medical, Big Lake, MN

With MICRONITE, I know my process better and I make much less adjustments and tool changes. I have much more confidence in quality of parts I make. Brian Schlangen, Operator

– I am able to take over from previous shift without having to dial the machine in for several hours

– Before  MICRONITE I was not aware of certain process critical characteristics when I looked at the
SPC charts. Since I’ve been working  with MICRONITE I have realized that there are certain characteristics
I need to watch closely. I can use the data to determine when to change the tool, not just the number from preset. Dave Hellet, Operator

I like that we can use more of tolerance and not just adjust to nominal all the time. There are days when I can run without any adjustments at all. Operators don’t have to make small adjustments anymore. This never happened before. Mike Merten, Operator

I make fewer mistakes when I use MICRONITE. Using the printout from QC-Calc it is easy to miss important things and get into trouble. Seeing the process in MICRONITE give us ideas when to check our tools and adjust them in the holder. Just this one of many useful MICRONITE features makes the software a valuable tool for operators. Mitch Willard, Operator

With MICRONITE I need less inspection. When I am using MICRONITE screens I have more confidence in the tools as they wear out . We review processes with supervisors and engineers to update and improve control plans. I make much less bad parts and only if the tool breaks. Tony Ashley, Operator


Precision Plus Co., Elkhorn, WI

With MICRONITE, I can see problems with processes or measuring devices instantly. The system helps me focus on the right characteristics at the right time. It alerts me when I need to make adjustments. My company achieves better quality since MICRONITE implementation. Deb Poyer Operator

MICRONITE helps detect when my tool is starting to wear out. When I start to see MICRONITE warnings about variation I know I need to check my tool.  MICRONITE helps identify which machine and exactly when it needs maintenance. We push our machines to the limit, when you are asking the machine to do more than it is capable, it is difficult to determine the outcome. MICRONITE leads us to perfect control when we are pushing our equipment past its limits. Better quality since MICRONITE implementation is real and consistent. We see it on mature processes and new ones. Matt Fryar, Operator

MICRONITE quickly identified problems with OASIS program. Some dimensions were not measured consistently and smart MICRONITE would flag them. Quality corrected programs and after metrology studies everything is running smoothly. Many dimensions we now inspect less because MICRONITE guides us to process-adjusted reduced sampling intervals. Also, I rely of MICRONITE decisions to make adjustments to avoid problems before they happen. Tammy Brushwood, Operator

MICRONITE helps me show problems with CNC program and with gages. I quickly get my problems solved by engineering and quality.    I am running three machines by myself with MICRONITE while running only two without it. Linda Smith, Operator

Bendix, Acuna, Mexico

Yo uso el Sistema como un indicador visual. Micronite analiza el proceso y rápidamente identifica las características con problema para que yo me enfoque en las cosas correctas para asegurarme que yo haga partes con calidad. Yo puedo también inmediatamente ver si hay problemas con aditamentos en la maquina o mis instrumentos de medición. Micronite instantáneamente detecta variaciones y me ayuda a presentar datos al ME.

Translation: I use the system as a visual indicator. Micronite analyzes the process and quickly identifies the problem characteristics so that I focus on the right things to make sure I make quality parts. I can also immediately tell if there are problems with fixtures on the machine or my gages. Micronite instantly detects variations and helps me present data to ME.   Juan Guerra, Operator


El sistema me ayuda a  monitorear mediciones para evitar salirme de especificación, me ayuda a cambiar herramientas, automáticamente reconoce distancias y tolerancias de los dibujos, y hace más fácil hacer ajustes correctos. Es mucho más fácil usar Micronite que usar mediciones en papel. Yo hago menos errores ahora que uso el sistema.

Translation: The system helps me monitor measurements to avoid leaving specification, helps change tools, automatically knows distances and tolerances from the blueprint, and makes it easier to setup a correct adjustment. It is much easier to use Micronite than record measurements on paper. I make less mistakes now that I use the system. Jose Manuel Garcia, Operator