Technical Services and Support

At MICRONITE, we are committed to continuous improvement of customer support and consulting services. Our customers are our greatest asset. For every new feature, there’s a customer who drove it. For every customer there’s an answer. MICRONITE experts  have the skill, knowledge and understanding to help you develop a competitive work force equipped with advanced software techniques. For MICRONITE, continuous Improvement is not just a buzz word, this  a way of every day responsibility. Over the years MICRONITE trainers have instructed over 1,000 individuals on everything from the basics of data collection to the intricacies of optimizing the machining process.
To ensure the success of MICRONITE implementation, HTR, Inc. not only sets up an effective system deployment, but a real support structure, steered by qualified consultants, dedicated to monitoring progress of improvements in coordination with company’s engineering and production team.
Working cooperatively with your team, the experience and exposure that MICRONITE experts bring will help your organization toward world class production techniques. As a common technical service, the faster approach includes  a shop floor engineering studies with recommendations that can be immediately implemented. Larger more extensive projects, might include new   technology development  for control of problematic jobs and product launches.


“The personnel from Micronite have been very professional in their approach to train our operators and assist management with technical questions. ”
Michael Lambert, Corporate Staff Quality Engineer, Bendix Corp.

“We have taken advantage of High Tech Research’s very professional staff several times over the past few years for re-training, and to help with transition of new Operators and Management Staff.

Mark Place, Vice President, Quality,  Air-Way Co.

“The folks at Micronite provide excellent service on the few occasions we’ve run into any errors or when we do not know how to monitor an unusual part characteristic. They answer the calls in person and quickly establish a Go To Meeting connection so that they can walk you through the various screens & settings while you watch. Fantastic service!”

Brian Hoff, Quality Manager, Micron Mfg. Co.