Simple and fast operation ID

A breakthrough MICRONITE technology originated in real-time connection of automatically imported full-feature CAD drawing with execution of an inspection process and tool data recording. It makes a novel kind of error-proof machining control, which is cost-effective for both small machine shops and captive manufacturing companies



All the focus on drawing has a significant role in several important areas

  • Fast operation ID
    • automatic import of CAD drawing
    • identification of dimensional characteristics by class
    • assignment of characteristics to cutting tools
    • option to view characteristics on drawing by class and tools
  •  Control plan design
    • predictive models are assigned by class and functionality
    • special inspection types are assigned for dimensions with close tolerances
  • Inspection data entry
    • data entry and drawing on one screen
    • measured dimension is  mapped on drawing with continue/stop decision
  • Operation visualization
    • action charts are mapped to characteristics on drawing
    • option to view a selected tool with associated characteristics
    • option to view characteristics by class