MICRONITE quickly analyses Vision System data to achieve accurate quality forecasts

From traditional acceptance systems for inspection by attributes (MIL-105E, c=0) to high-performance modeling by variables for random data, MICRONITE meets both non-expensive and low-risk acceptance needs. You get proven and tested techniques you can depend on for accurate results. To get a statistically significant result of random sampling, MICRONITE uses proprietary computational technique combined with acceptance standard MIL-STD-414 for inspection by variables. MICRONITE’s robust estimators can be successfully used to minimize acceptance errors Type I and Type II.


Benefits of adopting random acceptance sampling for inspection by variables

  • Quick validation of in-process data by offline sampling and compilation of statistical report by variables
  • Customer-required statistical evidence of quality using offline sampling by variables (final inspection)
  • Quick quality certification of lot (sublot) after sort-out
  • The identification of part families suitable for complete or partial inspection by a Vision System
  • Validation of sufficient sample size requirements for in-process and offline inspection
  • Acceptance of product quality by automatic calculation of AQL and capability to hold tolerance