• Achievement of high level of data quality with the absolute certainty in data accuracy and data completeness
  • Development of a paperless data capture system and implementation of standard procedures for real-time process control and risk-free quality certification
  • Customization of O.E.E. and development of machining specific O.P.E. (Overall Production Effectiveness) to match the company’s business model
  • Engineered design and enforcement of control plan with predictive process and tool control models
  • Diagnostics and metrological control of measuring and machining equipment in application to close and extremely close tolerances
  • Statistical proof of capability to maintain consistent zero-defect product quality by family of parts, type of machine, etc
  • Reduction/elimination of rejects, scrap, and rework
  • Reduction of in-process and off-line  inspection
  • In-process quality problem discovery and solutions
  • Substantial reduction of human errors
  • Development of machining performance database including production rate, tool usage, and scrap rate
  • Traceability of inspection records by inspection type, part number, job number, part’s serial number, etc.
  • Automatic generation of customer-required quality documentation and certification of process capability
  • Automatic alarm generation and alarm distribution between production, quality, and engineering personnel