Breakthrough software integrates control of machining   processes, quality, and production

MICRONITE is a breakthrough software innovation, the integrated Process and Production Management System provides a superb effectiveness to machining operations. Unique control environment created by MICRONITE guarantees huge benefits for precision part manufacturers. A comprehensive system controls activities occurring on the shop floor and in engineering departments. It begins with all of the various process control functions, control of measurement accuracy and precision, the evolving tool wear and quality acceptance modeling, predictive control of tool life expectancy, and other control resources. Then it provides production control in the most effective, low cost, and expedient way possible. Advanced analytical tools include algorithms, expert rules, distributional and non-distributional statistics, and mathematical modeling to provide operators and engineers with accurate decisions on operational and corrective actions. MICRONITE is configurable for different types of businesses such as job shops, contract manufacturers, and captive companies. Process and production data is automatically captured by operators in the simplest way. The MICRONITE system has been proved to be very valuable in making a manufacturer more profitable and competitive.


•    Sweeping improvements in quality and reliability of machined components
•    Establishment and use of full potential capability of machining  processes
•    90% reduction of engineering time in quality planning and certification
•    Prevention of losses caused by changes of blueprint tolerances on the shop floor
•    Validation of measurement capability of all elements of measurement system
•    High confidence in accuracy and completeness of inspection data
•    Increase of operational effectiveness of CMMs and Vision Systems
•    Valued communication with operators, supervisors and engineers
•    Timely discovery of root causes of reduced efficiency
•    Traceability of automatically recorded  and  system-analyzed time losses
•    Achievement of maximum productivity, throughput, and first time yield