United, Advanced MICRONITE Techniques Bring Effective Solutions To Machine Shops


Intelligent cross-connections. The creation of a paperless data structure with intelligent interconnection between quality, process, and production control has been one of the main objectives of MICRONITE’s development.  MICRONITE’s methodology introduces the infrastructure for a new way of production management that’s more consistent, collaborative, and productive than ever before. 

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Deep insights into a machining process boost performance

Customer success stories show that MICRONITE is the only software system in the metalworking industry that provides value-added operator-tuned process control, innovative low-risk quality management and effective production control. Our advanced analytics and visual insights into the machining operation create a new-generation intelligent software. We moved statistical tools and SPC to their natural territory – generation of static estimates of product quality. MICRONITE’s pioneering methodology and techniques are infused with cutting-edge, AI-based decision making mechanisms and innovative process control algorithms. It can help you solve even your most intractable engineering problems. You control your processes and entire operations with guidance by MICRONITE, achieving the best production effectiveness feasible. And you unearth opportunities you would otherwise miss.

MICRONITE 14 points on software effectiveness for quality and production control

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Explore MICRONITE automated data analysis and cost-effective decisions




MICRONITE Basis for Machining C&C Solutions


Despite its obvious economic and technical importance, machining remains one of the least understood manufacturing processes. In hundred years history of machining, no adequate and universal predictive models were developed. Practitioners in the field still use the obsolete SPC and Pre-Control models, a significantly inferior techniques. Development of high-precision control methods, having the greatest economical significance and wide practical application must be highly prioritized for implementation  in every small machine shop and large company. The next-generation knowledge-based software MICRONITE is designed for error-proof predictive  control of metal cutting. It should attract attention of quality and process engineers seeking quantum leap in process control and optimization of machining operations. This new direction emphasizes that the successful  control system requires a wide variety of applied control  methods. It also requires the same visual knowledge and sense of precision that successful engineers and experienced operators have always depended on when making critical decisions.

Maximize the value of process & production data captured by MICRONITE

All data is processed through MICRONITE rules and analytical models. With MICRONITE automation approach, accuracy of decision are much, much higher. Time for data analysis will also decrease.


A vision and strategy for challenging existing techniques and creating new ones 



Micronite organizes and directs the work force in a proactive & strategic way


MICRONITE pioneers predictive and process-adaptive AI-based analytics which include tool-wear simulation and the dynamic probability of producing zero-defect product.  This technique makes it easy for a company  to leverage shop-floor inspection data for error-proof decisions on process actions – all the time. Machining data visualizer shows operators and technical staff how data drives tool-and-quality control to comply with statistical quality requirements and  engineering specifications. At a glance,  the user can see the relationships among tool-associated characteristics  and situations that require process actions, correction of NC-code, or tool re-design.

Smart MICRONITE interfaces streamline the definition of common process functions such as re-inspection, tool offset, tool change, or change of process parameters. MICRONITE predictive models demonstrate heightened process accuracy and reliability and lower defect occurrence gained from error-proof tool wear simulation.  Variety of predictive models lead to flexibility to innovate by way of faster and less costly experimentation on the shop floor. Designers of MICRONITE have encouraged the industry to face the growing reality of controlling extremely close tolerances and certifying quality with low risk of acceptance errors. Using MICRONITE, process engineers decidedly change the expensive Product Launch that meant spending endless weeks and months contemplating the perfect  process, which may or may not be achieved using limited analytical resources. Today’s machine shops need to engage process and quality engineers across all diagnostic, control, and optimization channels offered by MICRONITE. They need intelligent automation on the shop floor and in the office, a technical service suite with dynamic management to support the effective production system