The intelligent MICRONITE network closes the quality-production loop with modeling of data captured by CMMs, Vision Machines, hand gages, and production and tool life timers

  • Server-based data processing and storage
  • Access to and integration of structured (control plan) and unstructured data sources
  • Assessment features for statistical diagnostics across machines, work orders, part numbers, etc.
  • Deployment of process and quality data in multiple environments
  • Interdisciplinary data analytics holds the key to prevention of non-productive use of resources

Knowledge-based MICRONITE network concentrates on vital interests of machine shop

Timed control of inspection, tooling, and operational effectiveness

Consolidated data and artificial intelligence are producing ultra-accurate forecasts that make it feasible to consistently reduce costs 


A MICRONITE software solution integrates all entities of data capture and the process analysis network. MICRONITE replaces inefficient “in-spec/out-of-spec” data representation and machining-blind SPC charting. A MICRONITE solution offers a choice of software applications to best fit each process’s specific needs and widely varying part’s complexity. MICRONITE provides process and product insights to make correct process control decisions and undertake timely corrective actions.

Most companies can only ensure their competitiveness through brisk technological advances. Growth of the complex-machining market demonstrates increasing needs in automation of inspection process and reduction of human errors. MICRONITE‘s control innovations reached a high point through it’s integration of cross-disciplinary data capture and proactive process analysis. For small machine shops and manufacturing companies the effect of quality-production integration is really profound. Within minutes operators, engineers, and managers are viewing the results of AI-based analysis of all kinds of data, in a way that is as powerful as anything a visionary could imagine. With MICRONITE’s integration of process and production data analysis, MICRONITE has become a unique platform for communication between shop floor and engineering departments.