Integrity of data you can trust

data_integrity2    MICRONITE is designed to meet the unique challenges of absolute accuracy of  quality, process, and production data integrated on a single software platform. While data can be described by many different qualities, in the era of modern machining, three qualities – accuracy, sufficiency, and value – have dominated the discussion about performance of any measurement and control system. Today, a process control system which matches capability of MICRONITE to deliver all necessary data qualities does not exist.

Clearly, the effectiveness of process control decisions rests on the quality of inspection and tooling data. While you might derive the slickest analytic model, when that model is based on data that are unreliable and invalid, that model’s performance in the real world suffers. Protection of data integrity by MICRONITE help manage never-before-seen untainted inspection records. Among other MICRONITE features, control of inspection process is critical to maintaining the integrity of the data and preserving the accuracy of AI-based system decisions.

A big step forward came when new techniques were introduced by MICRONITE: (1) specialized metrology analytics providing validation of all elements of the measurement system and statistical acceptance of part-related measurement capability, (2) automated control of variable inspection interval generated by the predictive tool-wear model and based on machine uptime, and (3) automatic generation of sampling plans and low-risk batch acceptance  for offline inspection by variables. This development brings together data accuracy, sufficiency, and viability.

Another possibility of process data improvement comes from an integration of inspection data with tool life and failure mode data. This combination allows the user to unleash potential capability of each tool to last longer and produce 100% conforming parts. Further, automatic uptime-downtime monitoring connects the inspection process with production efficiency and downtime losses. Essentially, MICRONITE helps get to the state where there’s no doubts about data accuracy and integrity.

MICRONITE data structure effectively responds to most shop floor requirements